Search Engine Optimisation or SEO Explained

Auckland SEO expertSearch engine optimisation or SEO is the practise of improving the visibility of a website inside of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

People search for information constantly and as smartphone usage continues to increase, it’s even more important, if you’re a business, that your website can be easily found through search engines otherwise that is a lot of lost potential business.

To simply describe what search engine optimisation or SEO is, there are things that can be optimised on your website that will improve your search engine visibility, these are your on-page factors. The other thing that will influence your website’s search engine visibility are links from other websites, these are your off-page factors.

Before you can perform any kind of search engine optimisation, you need to know what you’re optimising for and this is where an Auckland SEO expert can help. This is where a good understanding of keyword research is very helpful. Since SEO is a longer term strategy to improving your online presence, you’ll want to make sure you are putting in the effort to optimise your website and web pages for the right keywords.

For example, are you wanting to rank for a highly searched general keyword that has more competition or a lesser searched long tail keyword that has less competition? Are you aware of the pros and cons to both types of keywords? Do you understanding the user intent behind various keywords? A lesser searched keyword can actually be a lot more profitable than a highly searched keyword. Once you know your keywords you wish to optimise for, a search engine optimisation strategy can be worked.

This is where seeking the advice of an SEO expert can be really beneficial. He or she will be able to evaluate your current situation, look at what you hope to achieve and put forward recommendations to help you get there.

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